WSDOT Corridor Sketch Initiative

What is the Corridor Sketch Initiative?

Washington State Department of Transportation’s Corridor Sketch Initiative is a set of planning activities that define the context and performance information for all of the state’s 304 highway corridors. The Corridor Sketch complements and supports regional planning processes in Washington. It is not intended to duplicate, substitute or compete with other planning efforts; nor is it intended to generate lists of projects.

The Corridor Sketch Initiative’s primary goal is to cooperatively engage with partners to jointly assess the highway system and identify:

  • Performance expectations
  • What’s working well
  • What needs to change now and in the future
  • Strategies to achieve performance expectations and sustain what works well

BFCG Corridor Sketch Initiative Phase II Workshop Minutes 6-7-2017

Below are the WSDOT Corridor Sketches located in the Benton-Franklin RTPO area: