Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of engineers and planners representing local jurisdictions, agencies, special purpose districts and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) South Central Region. It’s purpose is to provide policy review and guidance to transportation activities and projects that will eventually require adoption by the BFCG Board and/or local jurisdictions.

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2019 Committee Members

Matt Rasmussen (Chair) – Benton County, Public Works Director
Pete Rogalsky (Vice Chair) – City of Richland, Public Works Director
Craig Erdman – Franklin County, County Engineer
Gayle Carrasco – City of Mesa, City Clerk
Roger Wright, Port of Benton, Engineer
Paul Gonseth – WSDOT South Central, Planning Engineer
Cary Roe, City of Kennewick, Public Works Director
Marty Groom – City of Prosser, Public Works Director
Cliff Hall – WSDOT Headquaters, Transportation Planner (Ex-Officio)
Keith Hall -Ben Franklin Transit, Transit Planning Manager
Randy Hayden – Port of Pasco, Executive Director
Breann Van Hollebeke – City of Kahlotus, City Clerk
Linda Howell – WSDOT Transit Planning Contact (Ex-Officio)
Kyle Kurth – Benton City, Public Works Director
Mike Moran – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Larry Peterson – Port of Kennewick, Director of Planning and Development
Bill Preston – WSDOT South Central, Local Programs Engineer (Ex-Officio)
Roscoe Slade – City of West Richland, Public Works Director
Kyle Swenson – Mission Support Alliance, Traffic Safety Engineer
Hallie Tuck – City of Connell, Public Works Director
Steve Worley – City of Pasco, Public Works Director