Transition2040 is a long-range, multi-modal planning document that will identify the mobility needs of the region through the year 2040. It provides a policy framework for the investment of anticipated federal, state and local funds, based on the anticipated needs and regional goals and objectives.


Transition2040 utilizes a set of goals and objectives that will guide local planners, transportation engineers, public works staff, elected officials and stakeholders with solutions to regional transportation planning. The goals and objectives identified assist with project development and the investments they receive.
Transition2040 will integrate performance measures and metrics into our planning policies – to guide future transportation investments that will help to preserve existing transportation assets, improve system performance, enhance community quality of life and provide increased sustainable transportation choices to protect the environment.


Transition2040 serves as our Metropolitan/Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan. The plan is required to be updated every five years. Our last update was the 2011-2032 Regional Transportation Plan, adopted in November 2011. Transition2040 was adopted by the BFCG Board on May 19th 2017.


Our region has grown tremendously since 2000. That growth is expected to continue. As new industries and jobs locate here, more households will be needed to accommodate the influx of residents. More schools and parks will need to be built.  In order to provide efficient transportation options, new policies and methods will need to be used to ensure congestion in our region does not increase. This includes reviewing our local land use decisions (where people live and work), working with our large employers for commute mitigation efforts and researching solutions for today and tomorrows transportation challenges

Transition2040 is a plan for the public to understand regional decision making on transportation planning. Updates to the plan will be available here and your comments are always welcome. Transition2040 was adopted May 2017, and amended January 2018.



Transition2040 Complete Document

Table of Contents and Glossary

Chapter 1 – Plan Overview

Chapter 2 – Regional Profile

Chapter 3 – Transportation Choices

Chapter 4 – Transportation Management and Operations

Chapter 5 – Financial Plan

Chapter 6 – Future Conditions

Chapter 7 – Investment Strategies

Chapter 8 – Plan Implementation



2016 Regional Transportation Survey

In accordance with the development of our upcoming Long-Range Metropolitan/Regional Transportation Plan, Transition2040, BFCG conducted the 2016 Regional Transportation Survey. There were three key objectives to the survey:

  1. Ensure the survey was available and accessible to all users of the transportation system;
  2. Proportional response and participation rate from all jurisdictions and users;
  3. Link survey response to M/RTP performance measures

Staff organized the promotion of the survey throughout the Spring and Summer. This included outreach via social media and the attendance at local farmers markets. The survey was open to the public from May through September. This resulted is over 600 responses, surpassing our previous effort in 2010 (300 responses). We believe the extensive outreach efforts assisted in the success of the survey and ensuring that participants represented our entire community.