Lender’s Roundtable

The Lender’s Round Table is a quarterly meeting that the Benton Franklin Council of Governments coordinates to provide an opportunity for economic developers, lenders and other regional stakeholders to meet and network, interact, and better understand how the small business sector is financed. The Lender’s Roundtable meeting allows such organizations and individuals the opportunity to share updates on current regional economic development programs.

The attendees include representatives from financial institutions, ports, cities, Small Business Administration (Spokane), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), regional chambers of commerce and economic development associations. While the roundtable focuses on various financing mechanisms offered to the small business sector, it also considers a number of other issues and challenges facing the sector. Collaboration and networking between these various private and public agencies will help our region attract new employers and enable funding of projects that may not be possible with a single lender.

In 2015 the LendSteven Lerch JPGers’ Roundtable meeting featured guest speaker Steve Lerch, Ph.D. Executive Director and Chief Economist of the Washington State Economic Revenue Forecast Council.

At this Lenders Roundtable, Steve Lerch, the Executive Director of the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council made a very informative presentation about the Tri-Cities region (see slides below.) He also spoke with participants about what is creating the economic conditions here and how that may change over time.

If you are interested in being added to the Lender’s Roundtable distribution list to receive updates on upcoming Lender’s Round-table events, please contact our Community and Economic Development department.

Presenter and subject suggestions are welcome. 

2015 Lender's Roundtable

2015 Lender’s Roundtable

2015 Lender's Rountable

2015 Lender’s Roundtable