Committees & Members

Each month, local officials and experts come together through the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments to learn about the latest trends and data, share best practices, and develop solutions to the region’s major challenges.

The BFCG Board is served by annually appointed Executive and Budget Committees that help guide the actions of the agency’s administration. The Board is BFCG’s governing body and is responsible for its overall policies. The Economic Development District Board is comprised of the regular BFCG members, local agency, and private sector members. The Small Cities Committee meets quarterly to discuss and share concerns, ideas and resolutions to solve various problems related to being a “small city”. In addition to these boards, the Policy Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee meet monthly to provide policy review and guidance to activities and projects that will eventually require adoption by the BFCG Board and/or local jurisdictions.

Elected leaders, engineers, environmental experts, transportation planners, and more find value in working together at the BFCG.