Boards, Administration, & Committees

The Benton-Franklin Council of Governments serves as the implementing agency for many public programs and services.

The Benton-Franklin COG holds multiple state and federal designations, requiring an assortment of boards and committees.  Additionally, as a “lead agency”, the BFCG can serve as the implementing agency of virtually any multi-jurisdictional public program or service.

The Administration of activities through BFCG are guided by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Executive and Budget Committees.  BFCG staff regularly participate with other regional entities in working toward the betterment of our local communities.

At the present time, in addition to the Transportation Planning and Economic Development District activities, the BFCG serves in an administrative capacity to the following regional efforts:

  • Benton County Public Facilities District
  • Tri-City Regional Public Facilities District