Regional Travel Demand Model

About the 2015 Regional Travel Demand Model

The Benton-Franklin Council of Governments develops a Regional Travel Demand Model to estimate average weekday and peak hour demand for the transportation system for the Tri-Cities Metropolitan Planning Area. The model is an essential analytical tool for both metropolitan and regional transportation planning. It is used to develop multiple travel-demand scenarios.

Staff at BFCG are currently working on a major update to our current travel demand model. The new update will consist of a true Four-Step Model that addresses the following:

  • Trip Generation
  • Trip Distribution
  • Mode Choice
  • Trip Assignment

The updated model will be sensitive to regional land use, employment, population characteristics, transit and non-motorized travel. New Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) were delineated which will allow for much finer detail in modeling travel.

2010 vs 2015 Model Comparison Chart    

TDM Chart

2010 vs. 2015 Model Comparison

For information on the 2015 Regional Travel Demand Model contact Jacob Gonzalez at our office at (509) 943-9185.