Metropolitan/Regional Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Plan (M/RTP) is a compilation of coordinated city, county and state planning efforts for the Tri-Cities Urban Area (MPO) and the Benton-Franklin region (RTPO). The plan is in accord with state and federal guidelines and requirements.

The plan is based on least cost planning methodologies to attain the most cost-effective facilities, services and programs that function as an integrated multi-modal regional transportation system; ensures preservation of that system; and makes efficient use of facilities to relieve congestion and maximize mobility of people and goods.

The plan presents regional level of service standards; evaluates the operational level of service of regional facilities for current conditions and for ten and twenty year horizons; assess current and future capacity deficiencies; presents short, medium and long range transportation projects of each regional jurisdiction; presents a financial plan demonstrating how the transportation plan will be implemented; includes goals, policies and action strategies to guide the planning process for the next twenty years.

The plan establishes consistency with the jurisdiction six-year Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP) and the MPO/RTPO TIP; the transit development programs of Ben Franklin Transit; the land use and transportation elements of city and county comprehensive plans and the Washington Transportation Plan.

2011-2032 Metropolitan & Regional Transportation Plan

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PREFACE-EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIntroduction and Executive Summary

CHAPTER 1Regional Overview

CHAPTER 2Regional Transportation Issues and Concerns

CHAPTER 3Regional Transportation Goals and Policies

CHAPTER 4The Regional MultiModal Transportation System

CHAPTER 5Demographics, Population and Land Use

CHAPTER 6Tri-Cities Area Traffic Model

CHAPTER 7Model Results and Metropolitan Transportation System Evaluation

CHAPTER 8Rural Jurisdictions Street and Road System Evaluation

CHAPTER 9Finances

CHAPTER 10Plan Implementation

CHAPTER 11Public and Agency Involvement

APPENDIX AFederal MPO Requirements

APPENDIX BWashington State RTPO Requirements

APPENDIX CRegional Consistency and Certification Process

APPENDIX DIndustry and Major Employers Directory

APPENDIX ETri-City Area Population, Housing and Employment Projections by TAZ

APPENDIX FList of Model Deficiencies

APPENDIX GFinancial Plan Revenue Sources

APPENDIX HRTPO Twenty Year Project Listings for Urban and Rural Jurisdictions

APPENDIX IGlossary of Terms and Acronyms

APPENDIX JPublic and Agency Involvement

APPENDIX K2010 Transportation Survey