Metropolitan/Regional Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Plan (M/RTP) is a compilation of coordinated city, county and state planning efforts for the Tri-Cities Urban Area (MPO) and the Benton-Franklin region (RTPO). The plan is in accord with state and federal guidelines and requirements.

The plan is based on least cost planning methodologies to attain the most cost-effective facilities, services and programs that function as an integrated multi-modal regional transportation system; ensures preservation of that system; and makes efficient use of facilities to relieve congestion and maximize mobility of people and goods.

The plan presents regional level of service standards; evaluates the operational level of service of regional facilities for current conditions and for ten and twenty year horizons; assess current and future capacity deficiencies; presents short, medium and long range transportation projects of each regional jurisdiction; presents a financial plan demonstrating how the transportation plan will be implemented; includes goals, policies and action strategies to guide the planning process for the next twenty years.

The plan establishes consistency with the jurisdiction six-year Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP) and the MPO/RTPO TIP; the transit development programs of Ben Franklin Transit; the land use and transportation elements of city and county comprehensive plans and the Washington Transportation Plan.

2011-2032 Metropolitan & Regional Transportation Plan

           2011-2032 Metropolitan & Regional Transportation Appendices