STBG-TAP Call for Projects

Benton‐Franklin Council of Governments (BFCG)  
2017 Call for Projects 


Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Programming
Federal Fiscal Years 2019‐2021

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Programming
Federal Fiscal Years 2019‐2021


2017 STBG -TAP Call for Projects
2017 STBG-Application 
2017 TAP Project Application

2017 STBG-TAP Project Prioritization

On March 17, 2017 the BFCG Board approved a call for STBG-TAP projects – Federal Fiscal Years 2019‐2021. A joint TAC/PAC meeting, open to the public, was held to score and prioritize projects on Thursday, April 13th. Below is the draft prioritization of both STBG and TAP projects.

2017 STBG-TAP Draft Project Prioritization Results

Comment period will be open until Friday, May 12th. Comments may be submitted to BFCG staff at: or at (509)943-9185.


STBG – TAP Applications Submitted


STBG Urban Large

Franklin County – Taylor Flats Bridge Widening
Franklin County – Dent Road Widening

Kennewick – Metaline Avenue Reconstruction
Kennewick – Pavement Preservation
Kennewick – West 10th Avenue Widening

Pasco – Citywide Traffic Signal Controller Upgrades – Phase 2
Pasco- Argent Road Improvements
Pasco-Transportation System Master Plan

Richland – Swift Boulevard Improvements
Richland – Duportail Bridge
Richland – Columbia Park Trail-East

West Richland – Bombing Range Road Phase 8
West Richland – Grosscup Boulevard Pavement Preservation
West Richland – South 38th Avenue Mt. Adams View

STBG Rural

Benton County – Sellards Road, Phases 2 & 3
Connell – Arterial Bituminous Surface Restoration
Franklin County – Pasco-Kahlotus Road Reconstruction/Overlay II
Franklin County – Taylor Flats Bridge Widening

STBG Urban Small

Prosser – 7th Street Improvements
Prosser – Bennett Avenue Reconstruction

TAP Urban Large

Benton City – 9th Street Sidewalks
Kennewick – Columbia Gardens Bike/Ped Project
Pasco – Citywide Traffic Signal Upgrades – Phase 2
Richland – Columbia Park Trail-East

TAP Rural

Benton City – 9th Street Sidewalks
Benton County – Badger Mountain-Candy Mountain Connector Path
Franklin County – Basin City Alternative Transportation Route Improvement I
Franklin County – Basin City Alternative Transportation Route Improvement II

TAP Urban Small

Prosser – Bennett Avenue Reconstruction