Request for Quotes

Studies have found ozone levels in the Tri-Cities that sometimes exceed federal standards. Ozone is an air pollutant that can lead to or exacerbate health problems. If these levels continue at the current rate, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may designate the region as being in non-attainment in the future. This designation could force additional requirements on local industries, motorists, and potentially impair economic development in the region.

Our agency is currently seeking a qualified public relations firm to create and lead a marketing campaign in effort to generate awareness and educate our community about air quality, the impacts poor air quality has on our community and simple steps our community can take to reduce ozone. For full details on the current request for quotes and to learn more about the Outreach and Education Campaign Concerning Air Quality visit the Public Notices section of our website or contact our office at (509) 943-9185